Professional Auto Detailing, Powered by Ceramic Pro in Queensbury

Professional Auto Detailing, Powered by Ceramic Pro in Queensbury

Professional Auto Detailing, Powered by Ceramic Pro in Queensbury Professional Auto Detailing, Powered by Ceramic Pro in Queensbury Professional Auto Detailing, Powered by Ceramic Pro in Queensbury

Bringing High-Quality Auto Detailing and Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings within reach. If you desire your car to look it's very best, why not make it LEGENDARY?

Transform your car into its best version

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Auto Detailing | PAint Protection Services

Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Pro

Never Wax Again. Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings protect your car for years, not weeks like waxes or sealants, and are superior in many ways. 

Kavaca and XPEL Paint Protection Films

Kavaca Clear Bra

Paint Protection Films are a self healing / regenerating film that protects your car's paint from scratches and rock chips.

Professional Auto Detailing


Clean, slick and shiny. We return your car to showroom new with auto detailing paint correction and sanitize it with interior detailing. You'll feel amazing driving your car again!

Detailing can change how you feel about your car

A lost love

Transform your car into its best version

You love your car. 

You park far from the rest of the parking lot, wanting to protect it from stray carts or careless people.

You sometimes look over your shoulder to catch a glimpse of it as you head inside a store.

Or maybe you wish your car made you have those feelings again.

A professional auto detail can help bring your car back to like new or better.

Your car deserves the best when choosing an Auto Detailer

Paint correction rupes polisher and polishes

You can't find anyone you can trust with your vehicle. It feels like no one will ever give it the care you do.

Auto Detailing services from Legendary Auto Salon will correct the harsh treatment your vehicle has undergone.

  • Correcting defects from the factory or dealership in your paint

  • Fixing issues from other professionals who did not handle your car with care

  • Repair the damage from Automatic Car Washes

  • Restoring your car's finish from the abuse of the environment in Upstate NY, Queensbury, Lake George, Saratoga Springs area.

We specialize in Paint Correction, restoring your paint's clarity and gloss.

Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings - Never Wax Again

Ceramic coating on glass

You want to keep your vehicle clean and new feeling but you just don't have the time or the energy to give it the care it deserves. 

You know it should be waxed more often for protection. You certainly know the automatic car washes seem to always damage the paint whenever you use them.

If there was only an easier way. 

What if you could protect your vehicle once and never have to wax again?

What if washes became easy, like cleaning a non-stick pan? 

What if you could restore a better than new look, with just an easy wash, every time?



Not all auto detailing is the same

 I'm Brad and I'm Queensbury's IDA Certified Detailer. I want to earn your trust and business.

  • I can transform your car to the very best version.
  • IDA and Ceramic Pro Certified
  • Licensed and Insured 
  • My work is recognized with Carfax and registered on your vehicle's history report
  • All of my paint protection comes with a 3 part Warranty 

  1. My shop Guarantee
  2. Ceramic Pro's Product Warranty
  3. Available Transparent Warranty

Meet the Detailer

Your Queensbury IDA Certified Detailer

Operated by an IDA Certified Detailer with over 20 years preparing cars for shows, magazines and events.

Let an expert guide you through the best solutions for enhancing, maintaining and protecting your vehicle. 

Brad's areas of passion are in the chemistry of detailing products and the art of paint correction

What is the IDA?

See why IDA Certification matters to you!