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ceramic protective coatings

Never Wax Again. Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings protect your car for years, not weeks like waxes or sealants.

Paint Protection Films

Paint Protection Films are a self healing / regenerating film that protects your car's paint from scratches and rock chips.

Professional Auto Detailing

Clean, slick and shiny. We return your car to showroom new with auto detailing paint correction and sanitize it with interior detailing. You'll feel amazing driving your car again!

Meet the Detailer

Your Queensbury IDA Certified Detailer

Operated by an IDA Certified Detailer with over 20 years preparing cars for shows, magazines and events. Let an expert guide you through the best solutions for enhancing, maintaining and protecting your vehicle. Brad's areas of passion are in the chemistry of detailing products and the art of paint correction.

What is the IDA?

See why IDA Certification matters to you! 

Are you looking for a detailer you can trust?

Not your Average Auto Detail

Nissan R32 Skyline and Camaro SS auto detailing

 You love your car. It was quite possibly the second largest investment you have or will make in life. Unless we are talking the rare classics and collector’s vehicles, every day the clock is ticking on its value and when you go to resell your vehicle, the number 1 thing that sells a car is how it looks.

 You can wash your car anywhere, the quickie wash down the street that uses caustic chemicals and dirty brushes, the neighbor’s kid who comes cheap and only drops the wash mitt in the mud once or twice, or even stand out in the hot sun yourself for hours investing in your own chemicals and wasting the better part of your weekend to get “typical wash results”. However sometimes your vehicle requires that extra work of a full auto detailing.

Has your paint has seen some abuse from the sun or repeated washings? Or you just want that feeling, the smells, the looks of when you got her new from the dealer. 

Legendary Auto Salon - Powered by Ceramic Pro caters to the expectations you have for your vehicle and will restore her appearance to better than new. 

Get your car pampered by a Queensbury Local car enthusiast who has prepped cars for shows, magazines and events for over 20 years.

Your car deserves the best

Paint correction rupes polisher and polishes

Auto Detailing services from Legendary Auto Salon will correct the harsh treatment your vehicle has undergone.

  • Correcting defects from the factory or dealership in your paint

  • Fixing issues from other professionals who did not handle your car with care

  • Repair the damage from Automatic Car Washes

  • Restoring your car's finish from the abuse of the environment in Upstate NY, Queensbury, Lake George, Saratoga Springs area and protecting it with Ceramic Coatings from Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Coatings - Never Wax Again

Ceramic coating on glass

Wax is a decades old technology. Science has brought us advancements in Auto surface protection. 

Utilizing nanotechnology, Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings form a bond with your car's surfaces making your paint super slick like a non-stick pan. This makes cleaning much easier and keeps your car cleaner longer. It also brings with it added gloss and shine as well as improved hydrophobics, and depending on the ceramic coating, added scratch resistance. 

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