Features and Benefits of KAVACA

KAVACA - the newest technology in protecting your car

Why Kavaca?

Our Nano technology infused top coat allows Kavaca to self heal without heat, and gives the surface an extreme gloss and hydrophobic effect. Kavaca also has Nanotechnology infused in the adhesive layer that fills swirls and imperfections in the paint.

 KAVACA Regenerating Paint Protection Film offers a level of instant self healing never before seen in the PPF industry. This is the next generation of paint protection film. Kavaca’s self healing effect is instantaneous. It does not require a heat source like the paint protection films of the past. The second a surface scratch occurs it immediately begins disappearing right before your eyes. There has never been anything like Kavaca in the brief history of PPF. The fact that Kavaca is coated with Ceramic Pro makes it even better. 

Ceramic Pro Kavaca

Ceramic Pro Kavaca